Post-Race Blues and Stuggling to find my Mojo

It’s been two weeks since I completed Lakes in a Day and I’ve done very little in terms of running. In all honesty, I’ve struggled with fatigue and illness but more worryingly, I seemed to have lost my mojo. It’s not uncommon, I know I’ve felt like this post marathon or milestone run before. It will return, of that I have no doubt.

In a bid to find that elusive mojo I’ve signed up for a few races, lots of races in fact, much to the despair of the wife – both physically and financially! Filling the calendar with events gives me a purpose, a goal to strive towards. It makes the boring miles worthwhile. It gets me out of the house in wintery-wet conditions when the prospect of the sofa and TV sound more appealing. It makes me think about my diet, gorging on cakes and chocolate over the festive period is all too common so having a training plan helps me reel it in. Like everything else, treating yourself in moderation is OK, it’s the calories in versus the calories out that I need to manage. I’m not a small guy and every extra pound I carry makes those miles seem a little bit harder. 
Races I’ve signed up for are:
The Sunset to Sunrise Challenge 2019
Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon 2019
The Icing on the Cake Trail Marathon 2020
Ashby 20 – 2020
Thunder Run 24 hour 2020 – Solo Entry.
Lakes in a Day 2020. 
Yes, I’ve signed up for Lakes in a Day 2020. After quoting “its the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and ever likely will do…” I’ve decided to give it another bash. Why? I enjoy the challenge. I know what I need to do to improve. I need to work on hills with much tougher terrain. Hills you won’t find in the Lickey’s or the Malverns. Hills I will have to venture further afield into the Peak District or the Lake District to seek. That is what excites me, that’s what makes the training worthwhile and adds to the sense of adventure. Weekends away with the family where I can grab a few hours in the fells before spending quality time with Ruth and the boys afterwards. Inclusion is important. Sharing this experience and adventure with my family is equally as important to me as the need to keep challenging myself. 
So what next? To fall back in love with running and prepare myself for the Sunset to Sunrise Challenge in 3 weeks time. The challenge in question being to run as many 9.7 mile loops as I can in 15 hours, throughout the night. Sounds fun, right? In all honesty, even I’m not sure. This will be a new kind of challenge, something I’ve never experienced before. The repetition and monotonous nature of the event will either make me or break me but it’s a challenge I’m (almost) looking forward to… 

4 thoughts on “Post-Race Blues and Stuggling to find my Mojo

  1. It's good you know how to pull yourself out of the lull – and you know that lull is inevitable, we all get it. I was fatigued after my ultra until just when I began to get worried. I could run, and wanted to, but wiped out and falling asleep at my desk. Ugh, why do we do this? Your night run sounds fab and just the kind of (weird) thing you enjoy. You've got this, and if you feel you haven't, you know where your support network at home and within your wider community is.


  2. Thanks Liz, that was a good read and reassuring to know it's a common theme. Club run helped last night. Ultra training can be a lonely game and last night helped me realise how much I enjoy a social, chatty run, without too much focus on a training plan.


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