The Training Plan

I’ve always been meticulous and methodical when it comes to keeping a training diary. I don’t necessarily follow a plan of such, but I do like to keep a note of all the runs I do and be mindful of my weekly mileage. Since I ran my first marathon in 2016, I’ve recorded all of my road marathon training runs on a spreadsheet (much to my wife’s amusement) – usually on a 25 week plan, as it’s always interested me to see how many miles I run in preparation for a marathon. If truth be told, I think I enjoy the training and build up to a marathon more than the actual run itself.

For my first marathon; Manchester in 2015, over a 25 week training period I accumulated 563 miles in the bag – or the equivalent to running directly from Birmingham UK to Geneva in Switzerland.

For my last marathon, Manchester (again) in 2019, over the same training period I accumulated 810 miles in the bag – or the equivalent to running directly from Birmingham UK to Venice in Italy.

I find that crazy, that someone who didn’t run 7 years ago can now run from Birmingham to Italy in 25 weeks!

Anyway, back to LiaD and due to the enormity of the task in hand, I thought it would be advisable to do some research on ultramarathon training plans and in all honesty, its a minefield out there! Filtering though endless plans available on-line, I settled for the 50 mile training plan from Runners World as a guide and have adapted it slightly to best fit my home/work/family routine. I’ve no doubt that I’ll have to shift things around, the long run will get moved due to a 7 year old kids party on the weekend or work deadlines will mean I have to sacrifice a night run etc but I’ll make it work, somehow.

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